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Healing On Demand
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Healing on Demand.
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Welcome to
The  Healthy Happy Hour Show
We empower you to improve your
health and well-being
Join  AHZJAH, for a Healthy Happy Hour , a television program which features in depth exploration of holistic health and wellness practices as well as offering tools and navigation for purposeful living and  the journey of life.
Discussions, interviews, demonstrations on site event highlights and more.
Topics discussed are food and nutrition, food safety, integrative medicine, environments, spiritual awakening, creative expression and everything in between.
  1. Holistic Health 101
    Holistic Health 101
    Explore holistic health and wellness lifestyles inside the cafe with our network of holistic health and life coaches, herbalists, Naturopaths, and MD's versed in functional, integrative, and complementary medicine.
  2. Living on Purpose/Life Path
    Living on Purpose/Life Path
    Exploring Life Path Empowerment while offering tools for finding and strengthening your gifts, talents, and passions as well as fine tuning your contributions to the world. Ahzjah introduces her Art of You: Building Your Inner Empire webinars and workshops.
  3. Romance and Relationships
    Romance and Relationships
    Exploring affairs of the heart and the heart of ALL relationships. Our network of relationship and romance faciliators are present to offer tools as well as discussion, exercises and real life situations are brought to light for our audience to process in their own lives.
  4. Wealth & Abundance
    Wealth & Abundance
    Exploring the energy or money and our relationships with money. Offering practical tips for creating, managing, and building wealth and abundance and for sustaining healthy relationships with money.
  5. Balance & Wellbeing
    Balance & Wellbeing
    Exploring the Art of Balance of Wellbeing and offering tools and tips for maintaining balance in all areas of life. Tools are offered through demonstrations, presentations, and exercises.
  6. Life Transition Planning
    Life Transition Planning
    Exploring the practice of creating healthy transitions and planning for them. Our network of facilitators and coaches offer tools to plan for lifestyles changes, and the managing life transitions such as births, marriage, death, divorce, purchasing homes, retirement, and more.
Healthy Happy Hour
IJOURNEY TV  It's not the destination, It's the journey
Join us for Happy Healthy Hour on inside the Conscious Cafe' live every month or as healing on demand on iJourney TV. Watch the video for more information!
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